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Videos From AIME FB Page

Ian Thorpe joins us on #AIMETV to chat about realising his talent at a young age, living a life of authenticity and taking the time to embrace your identity.

Earlier this year, we quietly set ourselves the challenge to see how many lives could be brightened up in one day, from sunrise to sunset. We filmed every moment and captured over 1000 minutes of footage and condensed it down to 30 minutes as a gift from us to you. Why? Because we care about you. #AIMEMentoring #SundayKindness

World... we're coming for you. #AIMEGlobal

We want you to be a leader, ready tomorrow. Applications are open for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity be our next Co CEO.

When we share acts of kindness, we colour our world ❤️ #SundayKindness #AIMEMentoring Vid thanks to A Better World 🌏

Naomi Moran from Koori Mail joins us on #AIMETV

Rory Steyn spent years shadowing Nelson Mandela as his Chief of Staff, a man he once regarded as a terrorist. He joins us on AIME TV to talk about apartheid, overcoming years of conditioning and the importance of education.

THE HELPER'S HIGH - Neuroscience tells us that our brain rewards us with pleasure chemicals when we are generous, caring and compassionate to others! Nature REWARDS us for KINDNESS! Watch and SHARE.

"Everyone has a story" Rhiana, from our AIME Tweed Heads program, sings Adele on program day in the AIME's Got Game session.

Taika Waititi joins us on #AIMETV and shares his top tips for success: Read books, be true to yourself, don't rush and watch out for dentistry...

[Talk it out] Our friends at Indigenous HIP HOP Projects along with 16-year-old Ethan from Belyuen in the NT created this track to encourage young people to talk about mental health and their emotions.

Introducing Talent Scout! Entries are coming in and there are some boss kids who are singing, dancing, speaking of visions of the future & YES, there’s even a magician!! This is the kids stage now.

Yasodai joins us on #AIMETV #AIMEClassroom to chat about finding identity, embracing multiculturalism and the power of mentoring to help kids stay in school.

Ever wondered what it looks like during an AIME's Got Game session? Check this little behind the scenes vid to find out!

Glenn Isemonger joins us on #AIMETV #AIMEClassroom to talk about how human connection and the power of mentoring will change the world.

Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr (AO) is an Aboriginal elder from Nauiyu (Daly River), where she served for many years as the principal of the local Catholic primary school. She is a renowned artist, activist, writer and public speaker. In 1975, Miriam became the Territory's first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher, holding the position of Art Consultant with the Professional Services Branch of the Northern Territory Department of Education. During this time she visited schools throughout the Territory thus gaining the opportunity to advance her commitment to the inclusion of visual art as a part of every child's education. In 1993 she became the Principal of one of the schools in Nauiyu. And in 2004 her abilities saw her appointed as a member of the Federal Government’s advisory body, the National Indigenous Council. Her achievements have been recognised in the awarding of an honorary PhD in Education and being made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1998. Miriam became the Northern Territory’s first fully qualified Aboriginal teacher in 1975. Her first position with the Department of Education was as an Art Consultant, it afforded her the opportunity to visit schools across the whole Territory and to facilitate the inclusion of visual art as a part of every child’s education. She later became the Principal of the Catholic school in Nauiyu, her home community. In recognition of her work as an educator she was appointed to the Federal Government’s advisory body, the National Indigenous Council, in 2004. She has received an Order of Australia for services to Aboriginal people (1998) and was awarded an Honorary PhD in Education from Charles Darwin University. In 1988, Miriam presented a paper at a conference entitled Dadirri - Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness at conference. This beautifully concise explanation of the spiritual dimension of Aboriginal culture has since been utilised by people working in diverse settings and in private meditations all over the globe. Miriam has become a spokesperson for this important aspect of the Aboriginal worldview and is regularly invited to share Dadirri with groups all around the Australia and further abroad. In 2013, Miriam established the Miriam Rose Foundation to continue her work advocating for experiences that allow Indigenous youth to learn to ‘walk in two worlds’ - Aboriginal culture and mainstream Western culture. The Foundation is also producing resources to help spread the message of Dadirri, and creating opportunities for people to learn about it from Miriam and her mob on their Country (Nauiyu, Daly River, Northern Territory, Australia). Miriam's many contributions have greatly benefited both local Aboriginal and broader mainstream society in ways that are seeing real reconciliation worked out at the ground level. Credit: Miriam Rose Foundation

Abbey Orcher joins us on #AIMETV

The White Helmets. Everyday heroes.

Much Love to the Cleverman family. If you haven't seen it, jump on it ASAP. A must watch TV for anyone, anywhere, anytime. #ImagineWhatsPossible #ImpossibleGoals #ModernDayDreaing #KillinIt

Patrick Dodson joins us on #AIMETV

Tommy Franklin joins us on #AIMETV

Nova Peris OAM joins us on #AIMETV

With applications closing for our #10GoldenTickets in just under 48 hours... our CEO & Founder Jack Manning Bancroft caught up with Jeff McMullen & reflected on failures, love, Popeye spinach, a global dream and the road we've all built together. #AIMETV #ChangeTheWorld

Jason Gillard joins us on #AIMETV #AIMEClassroom

Deb Kirby-Parsons joins us on #AIMETV #AIMEClassroom

6 weeks ago, our tiny AIME Family featuring Board Director & world wandering journalist, Jeff McMullen along with Adam and Xavier travelled to South Africa to spread the message of our global campaign; to end inequality around the world. Watch as Jeff spent time with the Mandela's and opened the conversation for us to keep Nelson's legacy alive. #10GoldenTickets #ChangeTheWorld #Mandela #AIMESouthAfrica

Swati Mandela joins us on #AIMETV #AIMEGlobal #10GoldenTickets #ChangeTheWorld

Taking you back in time to the 2015 AIME Anthem. Production props to SongDivision #AIMETV #StrongerThanYouThink

Viv Paul joins us on #AIMETV #TheAIMEClassroom

Uncle Noel joins us on #AIMETV. #ourlanguagesmatters #NAIDOC

Bianca Hunt joins us on #AIMETV #TheAIMEClassroom

In case you missed it, here's Clark Webb's story, one of our first ever mentors. #ourlanguagematters #NAIDOC

Isaachar Fraser joins us in the AIME Classroom.

Jandamarra Cadd joins us on AIME TV Jandamarra's Art #AIMETV

From mentee to mentor, meet Rhian Miller, rocking the suburbs. #TheAIMEClassroom

In case you missed it, #10GoldenTickets are out there waiting to be seized by young people around the world. #AIMEGlobal #ChangeTheWorld

Yr 11 student Lawrence droppin' beats during a session on the Sunny Coast recently. Lawrence wrote this for an English assignment about Shakespeare. #AIMEGOTGAME

'The Spirits are Calling' is the second Music Video in the 'Identity Matters' series produced with Indigenous students from across Queensland. The series reflects the student's culture and what it means to them being an Indigenous Australian. The song tells of the students identity and their connectedness to land, sea, skies and waterways. It tells how their ongoing spiritual connectedness to their ancestors are guiding and showing them the way. Story and video credit: Mount St Bernard College

During one of our workshops, we ask the kids to imagine what's possible and write a speech as though they are Prime Minister or the leader of a new colony on Mars... heck maybe even as Captain Planet! Here's what Isaachar Fraser from our North Coast program came up with...

AIME TV. It's the place we capture wisdom and tales from around the world. We share these stories with our kids and mentors to kickstart conversation, activities and learnings. Today we'd like to share with you the magical tale of Rarriwuy Hick, a former AIME mentee and a genuine all star wonderwoman.

With 25 people in Redfern we came together. Since then 10,000 kids, 5,000 mentors, 350 schools and the numbers go on. But it's hard to understand numbers without the human stories. So we've given it a go. 25 people from across the last 12 years, came to Sydney just before we launched to share their tales with award winning journalist, human rights advocate and much loved member of the AIME Family. Introducing, The AIME Classroom. #TheAIMEClassroom

There is no shame at AIME. We constantly push kids out of their comfort zones. One of the workshops we run is AIME Got Game, a space for every kid to laugh in the face of shame which holds so many people back. This year, as we look to inspire the kids to show their skillz through AIME Got Game, our Co-CEO Benny Abbatangelo has lead from the front by sharing his musical skills (currently being broadcast in lecture theatres to kids across Australia). As Benny travels across the world interviewing stars, and sharing the AIME message, we thought it was important some of the celebs got the chance to see some of the secret skills that he has... Introducing Ben Abbatangelo, Gunai Kurnai man, with his entry to this years #AIMEGotGame. Enjoy family 🙂

On June 7 we launched the program around the world, and with this we released the AIME Classroom. The AIME Classroom gathered 25 people who have been part of our journey into a small classroom in Sydney, just like the first class of 25 in Redfern in 2005. Hosted by Jeff McMullen we are invited to share in individual stories and how these stories have added to the AIME narrative. Check out Jake Trindorfer's vid, a long term AIME staff member and mentor. #AIMEGlobal #ChangeTheWorld #10GoldenTickets #AIMEClassroom

The divide between the powerful and the powerless has never been greater. And in these challenging times, we need to realise that if we want to change the world, we need to change the way it works. At AIME, we do just that, using mentoring to make the education system fairer and more inclusive for all. Because educated kids can pull themselves from poverty, and start to break the cycle of inequality. Already we’ve empowered tens of thousands of kids to change the course of their lives. But it’s not enough and we’re not stopping there. Today we officially announce our global launch. We’re releasing #10GoldenTickets for 10 young people around the world to take our model of mentoring to their country. They’ll have the chance to inspire university students to mentor disadvantaged kids and fight for a fairer world. To find out more and become part of the cause, visit: Film credits: Directed by Laurent Witz Animated by Zeilt Productions Animation directed by Mickael Coëdel Written by M&C Saatchi, Sydney Music Composed by Olivier Defradat Lyrics sung by Mariot Pejon Creative Assistant, Ghayth Chegaar #AIMEGoesGlobal #10GoldenTickets #ChangetheWorld

As AIME gets set to head to world, we caught up with Sampa The Great to reflect on her journey and what’s inspiring her to lift people up.

Across the country, we’ve introduced a new element to our program through the Theatre of Education. We’ve been rocking out AIME TV, where our Founder and CEO, Jack catches up with magical people who have wisdom to share. We hope they inspire you like they are inspiring the kids and uni students across Aus. We’ll drop them in Facebook land for you over the coming months 🙂 Check out this interview with Jasirah Bin Hitam.

Exciting and breaking news coming out of Uluru today. Head to the NITV website to check out the story. Video: Yothu Yindi

The guernsey for Richmond FC's annual Dreamtime At The 'G' match was designed by contemporary artist and Yorta Yorta man, Josh Muir, who is back working with AIME in Victoria. The design was inspired by Richmond pair Daniel Rioli and Nathan Drummond and captures the story of peace, love and unity. “Rioli being from the Tiwi Islands and Drummond being from Yorta Yorta, I decided to fuse both traditional patterns into one,” Josh said. “It incorporates Bunjil the creator and the old people, using the traditional colours of Richmond designed around the sash. “Bunjil is seen as a creator traditionally, and the old men are our elders, which is a really important part of our culture, paying respect to our elders. “They fuse together to acknowledge the creator – past and present and the emerging of Aboriginal culture.” Video and story: Richmond FC

Last Friday we launched The Mentor, the story of AIME. For 12 years, I've witnessed the miraculous and magical yet wonderfully simple act of human kindness. That's what The Mentor is about. AIME isn't me, it's you. It's you being that person who helps someone else, in their day, feel like they matter. It truly is a vehicle where we can wake and brighten up the world, and deliver on that dream that everyone has during the night, a dream to be happy. In fact, we already have. I wrote this book for every single person who has been a part of our story. I truly hope you enjoy reading it and that it maybe brightens up your day, even a little. If you couldn't make it to the launch, please watch this video. Let's keep building the dream factory. Love and respect. Jack.

Busby Marou released the video for their new song today, Paint This Land, in tribute to Indigenous Anzacs and the mateship they share with their non-Indigenous brothers and to help make a statement about reconciliation. The video was co-directed by Wayne Blair (The Sapphires, Redfern Now and Cleverman). The clip also features Blair's father, Vietnam veteran Bob Blair, the first Aboriginal Regimental Sergeant Major in the Australian Army. Former AIME Presenter, Jeremy Marou said the video had made Paint This Land a special song for him. “I feel we have played our important role not just acknowledging our war veterans but going a step further and paying special homage to Indigenous men and women who serve our country,” he said. Bob Blair was one of Jeremy’s mentors growing up in Rockhampton and was someone he and many others could turn to if they ever got off track. Paint This Land commemorates all Anzacs, especially the Indigenous men and women who served our country. Lest we forget.

On June 20 we will share a film from an Oscar award nominated director, telling the story of a broken machine, a machine that is creating an unfair world, a world where 64 people hold the same wealth as half the globe’s population. Today, we offer you the chance before the launch to take our story into your hands and join our team as a mentor.

We are the new generation

Towards the end of last year, 5 kids from across Australia jumped on a plane to Sydney to make a song and inspire us all to change the world. Patty G, Pamela, Jake, Grace, Taita and Iesha joined our friends from SongDivision, with support from Fely Irvine and couple of AIME staff and wrote the AIME Anthem for 2016.

Stephen O'Keefe, for AIME National Hoodie Day, 2012.

Overnight, at the age of 32, Stephen O'Keefe took 12 wickets in the test match in India to lead Australia to the first win on Indian soil since 2004. He now holds the best figures by an overseas spinner in India. Ever. He's experienced years of rejection, injury, doubters, and adversity but as time passed, he stayed on course. He kept his eye on his dream to play for Australia and be the best he could be. Over the last few days he's made that dream come true. Throughout the last decade Sok has helped out with AIME offering his time whenever he can for the kids, for our team, and to help share the AIME story of hope and encourage us all to never give up on our dreams. With hard work anything is possible indeed.

Connect. Credit: Kurzgesagt

Imma let you finish but this guy had one of the best job application videos of all time. Think you can do better?

Bringing Language Back

You may have caught this story over the weekend. We're looking to raise $15k for Clark Webb, one of the first ever AIME mentors, to bring Gumbaynggirr language back. So far we've raised over $6k since Saturday and would love your support.

Sunday sesh with Jack Biilmann to top off your weekend. #AIMEUnplugged

Bringing Language Back

For the full story, head to our home in internet land.

Benny in the (Parliament) house!

Mentor recruitment in 2010

As mentor applications open for university students across Australia, let's go back in time to our first ever mentor recruitment film in 2010.

Jobs Open

Get involved. Drawing by Rubyrose Bancroft.

Seeing is Believing

Via Sydney Opera House Talks & Ideas "If you wanna do something, you do it." Watch as three girls meet mentors who inspire them to believe they can be anything they want to be. Produced by the Sydney Opera House in collaboration with Maserati ANZ, Event Partner of All About Women.

Introducing AIME's Co-CEO for 2017

Introducing Ben Abbatangelo, AIME's Co-CEO for 2017! "I cannot wait to see the growth of our kids not only in Australia but all across the globe. I cannot wait to see kids standing up and being mentors, not only for each other but for their wider communities. I cannot wait to be part of a fairer country and a fairer world. There's a lot that's going to happen this year and I can't wait to share the experience with you," Ben Abbatangelo.

This year I want to...

We asked the AIME crew what they wanted for 2017. This is what they said.

True Tracks: create a culture of innovation with Indigenous kn...

"There are 370 million Indigenous people worldwide. That's 5% of the population but they make up 15% of the world's poor. What would happen if we were to harness that knowledge, engage Indigenous people and really make them part of the new knowledge economy? We could turn around poverty. We would see more medical breakthroughs and more nutritious food. Now is the time to bring Indigenous knowledge from the margins to the mainstream. Now is the time to engage fairly and openly with Indigenous custodians and knowledge holders. Now is the time to follow the true tracks." Terri Janke

LEAKED: Same shirt feud at triple j

Friday funny from triple j 😂

Do you have plans for 2017? Wanna make a difference and work in one of Australia's most dynamic work places? Ever thought about walking alongside the next generation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leaders? The opportunity is yours... Applications close on Monday 13th of February!

"At the beginning of this year, I stood in front of a camera just like this and I told you my story. I told you the story of my family, and how the achievements of those who've come before me and helped me get to the position I'm in today. And at the beginning of this year, I thought I was so ready to take on this Co-CEO role, but I could have no idea just how much work it would actually take. Now looking back, I've realised that this year has transformed me into a completely different person. I've learnt so much and I've experienced things that I could never have imagined. It's been the most incredible year of my life and the lessons that I've learnt I think that I will take all the way through the rest of it. If you're an Indigenous person aged 18-25, you have an interest in communication, you want to become a beautiful storyteller and know what it's like to lead one of the most dynamic non profits in Australia, then this one's for you. Throw your hat in the ring. Yes, it's scary. Yes, it's a really big change. But it's something that I could not recommend more. It has changed my life, and it's something that I'm so grateful for. This time last year I had no idea where I would be, and yes I was intimidated by it, but it's the best decision I've ever made. Good luck." - Marlee Silva, 2016 AIME Co-CEO. Apply now to be our 2017 Co-CEO. We're also recruiting for next year's dream team. Check out what's on offer at

AIME'S GOT GAME - The Showstopper Edit

Rhiannon, Kate, Kyle, Zoe, Sophie and Shaquille. Meet the next generation of world changers. SYNOPSIS: The Aboriginal Ancestral Spirits are awakened from this Ancient land of ours bringing forth new life to this Land that were all connected to. Our Earth, Fire and Water Spirits cleanse the land once again preparing and making way for the Keepers of our Culture who preserve and create a new path to the future. CREDITS: Massive thanks to Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Youth Program Team and Beyond Empathy (these guys provided professional mentoring, support and fist bumps to see these kids to the stage. LEGENDS!!!✌🏽️). Music courtesy of Bangarra and their incredible production 'Blak'. Tracks 'Birth' composed by David Page and Paul Mac and ‘Earth' composed by David Page and Paul Mac with Djakapurra Munyarryun and Kathy Balngayngu Marika.

Sophie, AIME's Got Game finalist

You've seen the AIME's Got Game singers on stage last week. This time tomorrow, we'll bring you the dancers. Catch a sneak peek of one of our finalists, Sophie. "My name is Sophie, I’m in year 10 and go to school in Gippsland, Victoria. I am from the Tweed Coast mob and my tribe is Bundjalung. The things that make me my happiest is if I'm surrounded by family, riding my horse, and I love express my emotions through dance. For me family are the most important people in our lives and appreciating the importance of learning from my Elders. I have been dancing since the moment I was able to walk, I learnt to dance at a local dance company for a few years but I stopped as I was getting bullied. When I dance it makes me feel alive, free and I can express myself and not care about how people judge me. In the future I would like to continue dancing and would love to be able to continue to dance on a stage in front of big audiences. Once I complete my VCE, my goal is to get a degree in zoology. AIME has confirmed the importance of getting an education, but not forgetting who I am and where I come from. My mentor is Benny, as he is the person that took me under his wing to help me not be so shy and build my confidence. Indigenous success to me means embracing my culture, whilst remembering and understanding the past, but looking forward into the future. If I could give one piece of advice to the Indigenous youth of Australia, it would be embrace who you are and follow your dreams, and don’t let people tear you down."

"At the moment, for your generation, there is one overriding Aboriginal bit of knowledge that I think the world, the whole world desperately needs, and you're going to have to be the team, the generation, the movement that's going to carry that idea to the whole world." - Jeff McMullen, AIME Year 9 Pathways to Success session, 3 Nov 2009, St Paul's College, University of Sydney.

Everybody loves an encore.

AIME's Got Game. The whole shebang!!! 😁🎤🎷✌🏽️🌟 #wannachangetheworld #aimementoring #indigenoussuccess (Sorry crew, Sydney wifi was wigging out so we've brought you the performance 5 mins hot off the press!).

AIME's Got Game!

Robbie Miller coming at ya! #wannachangetheworld

Today, we get set to change the world. Today, we imagine what's possible. #wannachangetheworld

Ginnagay! Our six AIME's Got Game vocalists just touched down in Syd ready for a massive week. They landed in the middle of a storm so they're ready for an electric few days of lights, camera, action. 😬⚡️✌🏽️🎤🎷 Here's Daniel Carriage, our Program Manager at Southern Cross University - Coffs Harbour, with Ieesha Torrens from Nambucca Heads. These guys are actually related through the Stewart family, Yuin mob, who hail from the south coast. Get ready to watch Ieesha and our other AGG kids perform on Facebook live this Friday night. #wannachangetheworld

"Caught up with our CEO JMB over lunch to get his thoughts on the upcoming US election and what it means for us all." - Ali Dunn, AIME Media / Social Comms Director

Jeez wasn't that a great night... When we launched nationally without actually having any national partners... Kinda like launching globally without any money or any international uni partners... #fromlittlethings

This American Life asked American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles to imagine what Barack Obama is thinking about the election, but can’t say publicly. Leslie Odom Jr. performs the song.

This week we're taking you back in time. Starting out with the first ever vid we put online, circa 2008. ✌

Zoe AIME's Got Game Dancer

I gain inspiration and get motivation off different people and different personalities. I could see someone on the street and they affect my life in some way - if they smile they affect my life. Zoe, AIME's Got Game Dancer

Shaquille, AIME's Got Game Dancer

"Whenever I’m dancing and performing, I feel the happiest that I can be because I’m doing what I love most and there’s nothing, there’s no other time that I feel better. It makes me feel important, like I can make a difference." Shaquille Lamar Walker, AIME's Got Game Dancer.

Kyle Pont, AIME's Got Game Finalist

"Indigenous success to me is when an Indigenous person achieves their goals and perseveres with their passion. Don't let anyone put you down...If someone says you can't do it, prove them wrong!" Kyle Pont, AIME's Got Game Finalist.

An academic director at Teachers from Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri were given a simple challenge; Tell an individual student that they are important and appreciated... Credit: Oak Park Positivity Project.

When did doing something 'like a girl' become an insult? Doing it #likeagirl is an awesome thing.

Rhiannon Brown, AIME's Got Game finalist.

"My mum is my mentor. She has always been by my side, with any sport or academic dreams. Whenever I see her smile or even cry because of how proud I’ve made her, it boosts my confidence and makes me train and work even harder." Rhiannon Brown, AIME's Got Game finalist.

Kate - AIME's Got Game 2016 Finalist

"When I dance, I feel like I’m in my own happy place, away from all the drama and all the things that are going on in my life. I can just be happy and free. To me, Indigenous success means that each Indigenous person can fulfil their dreams and aspirations." Kate - AIME's Got Game 2016 Finalist.

Marrin Gamu

"How many Aboriginal languages are there...Hundreds of them!"

"Some of the most memorable moments are the hardest moments and they're the things that you eventually become most proud of." Kurt Fearnley.

The Front Line

“We are proud of you youngens...Remember all you need is the gum leaves and the spirits and you will come to understand yourselves. The circle is always open for you.” Thanks to Desert Pea Media for creating this awesome vid.

"It gives us moral courage and teamwork. It's not something you practice, it's in the soul. If we become tired in the fire we sing. Collective we are stronger."

"Let's use this framework to talk about the Australia we want to build in the next 100 years."

Motorkite Dreaming

"This is what life's all about, learning about other people and sharing in adventures with friends." Motorkite Dreaming �


“In Aboriginal communities at least...I don’t know if blokes take enough time to say, ‘hey brother, you alright there? How you traveling? I love you.’” Are you OK? A conversation could change a life. #RUOKDay

Kylie Farmer performs Shakespeare’s Sonnet 127 in Noongar

"In the old age black was not counted fair, Or if it were, it bore not beauty's name; But now is black beauty's successive heir, And beauty slandered with a bastard shame..." Aboriginal actor Kylie Farmer performs Shakespeare’s Sonnet 127 in Noongar, her family's language.

From little things big things grow... #AIMENYC

The Sea Gypsies - AIME Unplugged

"I used to watch friends playing guitar after school and I was inspired by one mate in particular who used to capture everyones attention and tell stories through his music. I had a back operation when I was 17 and wasn't able to play soccer so I got into music. I moved to England and started playing in a few venues by myself, playing my own songs. It was pretty cool to have people coming to see me who didn't know who I was enjoying my music. I came back to Sydney and kept playing and now have over 500 people coming to gigs, buying merch and sharing my music. It's awesome. We felt very honoured to get the call up to record an Unplugged song with AIME. For me, if one person gets something out of it or if only one person is tapping their foot at a show and is inspired to get into music, that's enough for me. If I had one piece of advice it would be to live in the now, be present and don't worry about the past so that you can keep moving forward." Luke, The Sea Gypsies for #AIMEUnplugged

Ella trailer

“I often feel like I’m dancing between two worlds and struggling to find where I fit in. It’s not until I can really blend my two different worlds together that I feel like I can tell my own story.” Ella, the story of The Australian Ballet's first Indigenous dancer.

Sampa The Great. Lives up to the name.

"The feeling I get as being a part of the oldest living culture in the world is responsibility. It’s passion, it’s special, because there’s this knowledge for me to collect and use when I need to. I feel important.” Noni Eather, Stingray Sisters

Michael McLeod's Story

From homelessness, alcohol and heroin addiction, to running a multi-million- dollar-company, this is Michael McLeod's story. Check it out tonight on NITV @7PM AEST. Here's a snippet... Message Stick Group #IndigenousSuccess

Professor Mary Ann Bin-Sallik: NAIDOC 2016: Female elder of th...

"I remember when I was at Harvard doing a course called 'The Philosophy of Education'. It said that Universities were the consciousness of the nation. And I believe that. I'm so proud to see how far we've advanced in academia. When I was lecturing I used to say that Australia has two histories and two systems of law. One that was transported here and one that has always been here. We need to peel the layers back and look for that love. And I've always had that love. Nothing in Aboriginal communities, nothing is on your own. You've always got people there supporting you. We've never forgotten where we've come from." Professor Mary Ann Bin-Sallik, has been a pioneer for Indigenous participation in higher education and played an important role in both the health and education sectors. She has recently be been named the NAIDOC 2016: Female elder of the year. Story and video credit: Karina Marlow NITV

“My passion is my people and I’m here to be that role model, to be that educator. When it comes to our mental and emotional well being, Deadly Thinking is unique because it explores being a person in an Indigenous community. It’s run by Aboriginal people and it’s for Aboriginal people.” Vivienne Gordan - Fitzroy Women's Resource Centre, Deadly Thinking Facilitator.

Bala Patty Mills. Road to Rio.

“I’ve grown to be able to be a more powerful Indigenous role model and the way I see it, an Australian role model as well. To understand the impact that we can have on a community, it’s special.” Bala Patty Mills #Boomers #roadtorio

"Being Aboriginal means everything to me. Representing the ancestors that bought us here and I'm representing a lot of my people out there playing rugby. My culture is everything, it has made me who I am, I feel very strongly in supporting it and keeping it alive in today's society." - Kurtley Beale, Waratahs Rideika was one of the first AIME Apparel Art Interns back in 2015. Her artwork has been picked up by the Tahs and placed on their training jersey for tonight's clash against the Wellington Hurricanes. Congrats Rideika!

Robbie Miller - 'The Pain'

"My story starts when my great great grandmother was born in Yankunytjatjara which is part of the APY region, spanning from SA to WA and the NT. My family did not know that we were Indigenous until I was 14 years of age. My cultural knowledge is a journey I'm still on. But, in terms of music, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are really big on their family and the people around them, and family and friends are pretty much the core of my songwriting." Brisbane based singer song writer, Robbie Miller took to the triple j studios this morning for a #NAIDOC week special of 'Like a Version'. Check out his latest EP 'The Pain'. Robbie Miller

Happy Hoodie Day!

Happy Hoodie Day!!! This year, we've gone retro. We reflect on how far we've come, and the road ahead. If you own an AIME hoodie, now's the time to wear it proud. Now's the time to shout Indigenous success from the rooftops. Share a pic with #HoodieDay by 3PM TODAY to be featured alongside thousands of others across the globe in our epic Hoodie Day album.

Durramah class

In Durramah class, students learn the Dhurga language of the NSW far south coast, traditional dance, and about their role as custodians of their country. Narooma Public School, kicking big goals through offering cultural and spiritual lessons for their strong community of Indigenous high school kids. Story credit: ABC South East NSW

"This song was written from that place of needing to let go of someone or something and that being crucial to being able to move onto the next part of life. To change the world I would eat less meat because our planet can't sustain it anymore... this is new to me though... I just watched Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret... everybody should watch that." John from Tenderfoot visited AIME to record his track 'So Long Pretty Baby' for #AIMEUnplugged.

"1000 children a week are being taught the Aboriginal language of the district. We only come from a town of 10,000 people - so that's one tenth of the population. We will have a full generation of people in Parkes that will grow up knowing Aboriginal culture, knowing Aboriginal words, respecting Aboriginal ground and that's why it will change people's lives." - Geoff Anderson, Wiradjuri Language Coordinator, Parkes NSW. Pretty powerful stuff from ABC Open

Kickin' off the long weekend Mornington Island style. @Chooky Dancers

Incase you missed it, 2015 was a record year for AIME kids. AIME’s Year 12 attainment rate was 93.7%, exceeding the national non-Indigenous average of 86.5% and the national Indigenous average of 35.2%. Of our 533 Year 12 graduates, 76% transitioned to university, employment or further education. This exceeds the national non-Indigenous rate of 75% of 18-25 year-olds participating in post school education, training or employment, and the national Indigenous rate of 40%. These kids are leading the nation. Indigenous = success.

via Michael Franti and Spearhead

"My mob are the Worimi/Kamilaroi people from Port Stephens NSW. I spent some time growing up in Dubbo & Townsville and I'm now based in Brisbane. To me, Mabo Day is one of the most important days on our calendar and one very important stepping stone towards a long awaited treaty for our people. Mabo Day a public acknowledgment for Australian people & more importantly to our First Nations brothers & sisters to say that we are, we were & we will always will be here. Our spirits will always be connected to where we belong - our home, tribes, clan, totems, language groups. We can celebrate the successes of what our First Nations brothers & sisters have contributed to this country pre/post first contact.. We mourn, thank & acknowledge those who have fought; we thank & acknowledge those who still fight so we still exist in today's society. I was raised on Country/RnB music and draw on those influences musically & when songwriting. I hope to release my debut single & EP in the next 12 months. Success is happiness in what you do. What you do is what you enjoy in that moment. If you enjoy what you do, then you will succeed." Jacob Ridgeway Music #AIMEUnplugged #MABO #MABODay

"The genesis of Cleverman came five years ago on one of those afternoons, playing dress-ups with my three-year-old son. We were playing Ninja Turtles, and in that moment I suddenly wished we had something cultural – something Aboriginal – that he could cling to with as much excitement as he did with this. I wanted to create an Aboriginal superhero that he could connect with, no matter what others said. I wanted a character that would empower him to stand and fight when presented with racism. Just like the old dreaming stories, Cleverman would be able to teach moral lessons; not only for my son, not just for Aboriginal people, but for many more out there as well." - Ryan Griffen, Series Creator of Cleverman. Airs tonight at 9.30pm on ABC TV.

Dion Beasley is an Alywarr artist from the remote community of Owairtilla, NT. He also has muscular dystrophy and is profoundly deaf. His children's book, Too Many Cheeky Dogs was inspired by the camp dogs that are central to the life of many remote Aboriginal communities.

At 3pm today, we turn a new page. Help us share this story. #IndigenousSuccess

11 years in the making, but there's more to be done.

Apology to the Stolen Generation

Together, we write the next chapter. #SorryDay

For the 7th year in a row, every single graduating senior at this majority black high school is going to uni... via NowThis

Fely Irvine and Tai Hara are long-time supporters of AIME. They covered Amos Lee's 'Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight' for AIME Unplugged - a song close to their heart. "Everyone has their own struggles but just keep marching on, follow your dreams and make sure you don't take advantage of the love in your life." - Fely Irvine.

"Life is not meant for simply work, wait for the weekend and pay rent - no..." Prince Ea

North Eastern Arnhem Land's, Magnolia Maymuru. NT's first Indigenous entrant in the Miss World Australia national final. ABC News

Date While You Wait. It's less about romance and more about connecting with people.


"This song was written from a place of feeling down but if you look at it from a different perspective, with the lyrics 'I hope that someday we can share', I think it can be relevant in so many people's lives. It's a song that's kind of sad but also has a bit of hope in it" Liz Drummond, Little May. Sydney-based indie pop trio, Little May burst onto the scene with the launch of their self titled EP in 2014. They've played at Laneway and Falls Festival in Australia and are even gaining international recognition with sold out shows in London. The girls dropped by AIME HQ to ignite hope by sharing their track, Sinks. Little May’s biggest national tour kicks off this week, tickets on sale at

GAME ON - ABC Good Game

In case you missed a very important episode of Good Game on ABC last night.

"One of the things I do when I step up on the stage...or when I go to teach my classes, when I go to direct a movie is I bring everyone who has ever been kind to me with me... so I don't ever feel I have no help." - Maya Angleou.

Cleverman 80% Indigenous cast. Directed by Leah Purcell and Wayne Blair. Starts June 2 on ABC TV.

Meet Shantelle Thompson. Barkindji woman, mum of three, World Champion Brazilian jiu jitsu champion. AMP Australia Tomorrow Maker.

For Australian comic artists, winning the Gold Ledger is like winning best picture at the Oscars. And on Friday it was taken out by the Aboriginal sci-fi comic book Neomad, created with the input of more than 30 kids in the Western Australian community of Ieramugadu (also known as Roebourne) Neomad charts the exploits of the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters: a plucky group of kids who race around on hover-quads through the Pilbara desert uncovering pieces of space junk that fly in from the netherworld bearing strange petroglyphs. Yijala Yala Project Story via Monica Tan at Guardian Australia

"I guess this song could talk to a lot of men and how they treat their women. It's about treating your girl with respect - especially if you've got a gem - you'd be stupid to muck around and not show her, her true value." If Jack Johnson and Stevie Wonder had a lovechild his name would be Mark Lowndes. Mark is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane. 2 weeks ago, he laid down one of his original soulful tracks for #AIMEUnplugged at Shaggy's Barber Shop in Brisbane. #AIMEUnplugged

Still got it.

AIME UNPLUGGED // Jack Manning Bancroft 'From Little Things Bi...

Today we raise the curtain on AIME Unplugged - a place for artists to share songs that inspire them to love the life they live. To kick things off, our CEO Jack has recorded his version of 'From Little Things Big Things Grow', by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody. Next Unplugged airs in two weeks. Head to our YouTube channel for more 🙂

Briggs on Constitutional Recognition. via The Weekly.

"The problems we have today can't be solved with the same thinking that we used when we once created them". Jay Shetty.

Nothing like some dancing with your best friend to start off the weekend.

The Ron Clark Academy has a vision to transform classrooms around the world by using engaging teaching methods, and a passionate climate and culture. Celebrate the good times this weekend team.

Didgeridoo master, keeper of an ancient dreaming, tribal elder: Djalu must pass on his sacred songlines. Via Madman Films, featuring celebrated Australian musician Gotye

Nice to get a nod from Canberra during the week. via Jim Chalmers MP - Member for Rankin

via our friends at The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence and Clean Slate Without Prejudice Redfern

Kendrick Lamar on the power of having a mentor.

Bangarra Dance Theatre Artistic Director Stephen Page's new film, SPEAR. If you're in Melbourne, you can catch it at 7pm tonight at ACMI.

PM Malcolm Turnbull opens today's Close the Gap report in local Ngunnawal language. #closethegap

Your biggest regret? A bunch of people shared their own on a blackboard in NYC. Via Strayer University #YOLO

2015 AIME Anthem

AIME's Got Game began with 1,500 students from around Australia, all vying for the chance to make history. Thousands of votes were cast. Five finalists were chosen. This is their Anthem. Massive thanks to the dreamers: SongDivision Marcus Corowa Casey Donovan Nooky Studios 301 Bangarra Dance Theatre

Introducing AIME's Inaugural Co-CEO for 2016, Marlee Silva. After hearing Marlee's story, you can check out the FAQs about AIME's Co-CEO program below 🙂 --- Has your Founder Jack left? No - JMB is CEO throughout 2016. After this time, he will transition to Chair the AIME Board. Who will be the next CEO? We have an internal candidate, Jessica Timmins - the current head of our Program Operations - trialling in the role this year. We will announce the new CEO for 2017 toward the end of this year. Does the Co-CEO run the company? Won't that be confusing with 10 different leaders over 10 years? The Co-CEO doesn’t run AIME. The Co-CEO program is an intensive 12-month apprenticeship offering the opportunity to shadow the CEO, work on key projects, present at Board meetings, negotiate with partners, travel and study abroad, and be mentored by some of the leaders of our time. What happens after 12 months? We will see a young Indigenous leader who has been fast-tracked through one of Australia’s top organisations, and now has the capacity to move into one of our head office positions, take on a leadership role at one of our partner organisations, start a company of their own, or maybe do something we haven’t yet imagined. By the end of the year, we seek to have supercharged the professional acumen of our inaugural Co-CEO, Marlee Silva. Over the next decade, we will accelerate 10 young Indigenous people to the executive leadership pipeline. How can I follow Marlee's journey? Marlee is blogging every day to share her learnings. At the end of the 10 years we will take our Co-CEO blogs and create a book for us to reflect on this epoch in Australian history. Check out Marlee's blog:

The Australian National Anthem sung in Yugambeh. The Aboriginal language from the Gold Coast, Logan and Scenic Rim regions in Queensland.

Our CEO and Founder Jack Manning Bancroft reflects on this day.

Wiradjuri man, Stan Grant on racism in Australia Via the The Ethics Centre

A few tips for making new friends this weekend.

You're never too old, and it's never too late. 92 year old Arnold graduates from Edith Cowan University (ECU).

Sydney Youtube sensation Josh Hawkins aka "That Throwing Guy" knows a lot about patience and perfecting an art. Catch him at AIME's inaugural KINDLING event next week. 16 inspiring acts | 5-min slots | $50 | Jan 21st | Sydney Tickets go directly back to the AIME Program supporting us to reach 10,000+ Indigenous high school kids by 2018. Link below.

"I want to share this award with all the First Nations People represented in this film, and all the Indigenous communities around the world. It is time that we recognise your history and that we protect your Indigenous lands from corporate interests and people that are out there to exploit them. It is time that we heard your voice and protected this planet for future generations." - Leonardo DiCaprio #LeonardoDiCaprio #TheRevenant #GoldenGlobes

"Balls from Eddie Gilbert were unhesitatingly faster than anything seen from... anyone else." - Donald Bradman. The untold story of Aboriginal cricketing legend, Eddie Gilbert. Created by BushTV.

Yuin and Monaro country. The land of the black duck. Via Desert Pea Media.

Tim Minchin's musical take on Christmas. Every year itunes proceeds from this song go to the National Autistic Society.

From Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. A story about living in two worlds - traditional and contemporary. via Desert Pea Media.

Wisdom via CBC Radio's WireTap.

Our CEO and Founder Jack, and his mum, Bronwyn Bancroft, have released a children's book 🙂

"I am a very proud Yorta Yorta man and only celebrated knowing my clan heritage this year. I want to learn as much as I can about my Aboriginal heritage and share it with my friends and family. I am happy I am Aboriginal because I can teach the culture that I have learned on my journey. It made me feel really proud performing this song and it made me feel part of the land. I enjoyed sharing my culture and being the first person to play the didgeridoo in the studio. I also said the Acknowledgement of Country in the sound booth which made me feel really proud. Some of the musicians at the studio [when writing and recording Bunjil the Eagle] did not know a lot about my culture as they were not taught in school, so I feel proud to have been able to have my flags, friends and brother Scott to celebrate with me and share our stories with them. I hope others will like our song and share it as I enjoy learning about my culture too. In the song the line "Join us in this journey to happiness and calm" was how this song makes me feel when I sing it and share my culture. It was actually an answer I gave when asked "How does learning your culture make you feel?' by a visitor to school." 14 year old AIME Mentee at Peninsula Specialist College, James Wilson. Students from Peninsula Specialist College, Victoria wrote and recorded Bunjil the Eagle with the local community.

LIVE: After just 8 hours rehearsing with Bangarra Dance Theatre these kids put on a show for 500 AIME Friends at the #AIMEGala. Massive thanks to Libby, Sidney, Chantal, Patrick and all the wicked #Bangarra crew. #IndigenousSuccess #ImagineWhatsPossible

JMB stands aside for next generation...

Live from the AIME Apparel storeroom...

LIVE from AIME Nowra: gearing up Luke McNeill, Robbie Maddison and 150 kids from 5 schools. Let's get this show on the road... #ImagineWhatsPossible #IndigenousSuccess

At 25, Kamilaroi and Wailwan man, Dale Wright was overweight, unhealthy and couldn't read or write. When his 5 year old daughter starting asking for help with her homework, he swallowed his pride and enrolled in a literacy and numeracy course. At the same time, he started cycling to get fit. One year later he could read, and a few years following that, Tour Da Country was born. Dale recruited a bunch of his mates and cycled through regional towns and cities promoting health and education amongst local communities, with the intention of being a role model for Indigenous kids. Now an annual event, Tour Da Country kicks off next week, rolling through regional NSW and bringing together together riders with vastly different backgrounds and stories, motivating them to ride.

6 hours left to vote for your favourite AIME's Got Game talent, sending them to Sydney to workshop with industry mentors! Swing Honey, from Mitchell High in Sydney's North West a vote here:

Isaac McCullum from Ulladulla High School. The next George Ezra.

"1000 children a week are being taught the Aboriginal language of the district. We only come from a town of 10,000 people - so that's one tenth of the population. We will have a full generation of people in Parkes that will grow up knowing Aboriginal culture, knowing Aboriginal words, respecting Aboriginal ground and that's why it will change people's lives." Geoff Anderson, Wiradjuri Language Coordinator, Parkes NSW. Pretty powerful stuff from ABC Open.

Joyce-Lyn McLeod. Can sing. Swing her a vote over here: #AIMEsGotGame #IndigenousSuccess #ImagineWhatsPossible

This is Grant Trebilco's story. #MentalHealthWeek OneWave

AIME's Got Game - Amelia Thompson

Amelia's Got Game. 🎤 🎸 📀 🌟 VOTE NOW: #AIMEsGotGame #IndigenousSuccess Colo High School

You saw the incredible talent that swept the stage last year. Now get ready to catch the latest crew of talented Indigenous kids as AIME'S GOT GAME IS COMING BACK! Meet the finalists across Australia and get ready to VOTE when the curtain raises next week! #IndigenousSuccess #AIMEsGotGame #ImagineWhatsPossible

From the multi-award winning producers of Redfern Now, comes 'Ready For This', the 13-part story of six Indigenous teenagers, all elite within their own field, who have come to live at Arcadia House to pursue their dreams. Premiering on ABC3 tonight at 6.20pm.

"I realised that each step that I took, was each step closer to going back to my community and making a bigger difference." - AIME mentee and Ulladulla High School student, Alex Knight. A little while ago, a group of AIME mentees including Alex, were selected to take on Outward Bound Australia's 2015 Indigenous Leadership Summit in Thawra - Ngunnawal National Park, Canberra. Hiking a minimum of 10kms per day in sub zero temperatures, the kids navigated as a team through valleys and mountain ridges carrying their own food and belongings. They reflected on their personal values, challenged their ideas of leadership and teamwork and returned home with their own plans for a personal project to implement within their communities. #IndigenousSuccess #ImagineWhatsPossible

In 2007, Cherisse Buzzacott was awarded the highest tertiary entrance rank out of all the Indigenous high school students in the Northern Territory. “I'd like to be a midwife and gain as much experience as I can, then bring that experience back here to help people in my own community in Alice Springs.” She told Deadly Vibe Magazine at the time. And that she did. The first person in her family to go to university, Cherisse set off on a challenging journey that spanned eight years including relocating to university in both Adelaide and Melbourne without the close support of her family. Now, true to her word, Cherisse graduated as a Midwife and now lives 30 kilometres outside of Alice Springs working with women in communities who often forget to look after themselves during pregnancy. Cherisse says one of the keys to her success has been having good role models. "I have really strong role models, my grandmothers, my mum, they all really pushed me to go really far in school and just to keep at it all the time." An attitude that she continues to carry with her through life. #ImagineWhatsPossible #IndigenousSuccess Story via ABC News and OnePlusOne

This Friday marks AIME's very first #FLUROFRIDAY with the crew at OneWave ✌ ☀ Across the country our team is rocking their fluro gear to spark a convo about #mentalhealth, #wellbeing and #happiness. Today, and on the last Friday of every month, the AIME gang will bust out the fluro threads, and take one hour to get back to nature and reflect on the month. "At the end of the day, we have one shot at our time here, so let's make it joyful, and when we're down let's support each other so we can bounce out the other end and share life's greatest gift, happiness." - #AIME CEO & Founder, Jack Manning Bancroft. Have a ripper weekend, AIME Friends 🙂

A small insight into a great film. HUMAN - Created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. #WhatMakesUsHUMAN

A Sudanese child soldier turned Sydney lawyer. This is Deng Thiak Adut's story. via Western Sydney University

Today we're excited to announce that EVERY school in Australia can now get involved with AIME via our Ambassadors of Indigenous Success (AIS) program! We want to build a country that has the Indigenous narrative interwoven throughout it, and this program will open the door for all Australian kids to feel connected to Indigenous Australia and develop their depth of Australian identity. AIS is a chance for your school to reward the values of leadership, mentoring, education, community support, and a connection to Indigenous Australia. If you're working at a school or you've got friends or kids in schools, tag them below so we can celebrate creating a generation of Indigenous success for the whole country. Get involved here:

Last week AIME was named #9 in the BRW Best Places To Work in Australia. The only not-for-profit organisation to make the top 10. At AIME, we are often told we are 'noble' for doing what we do. Our team disagrees. Here's why.

Celebrate Father's Day and what it means to be a strong, protective, courageous and proud man with The Indigenous Marathon Foundation at Centennial Park Sydney this Sunday. The first event of its kind in Australia, the inaugural WARRIOR Run is a community fun run to empower men and celebrate the vitally important role and positive contribution of fathers, uncles, brothers, sons and grandfathers. Take on 5 or 10km and celebrate with Indigenous music, performers and face painting at the finish line. All funds raised will go directly back into the Indigenous Marathon Project who use running to drive social change, create inspirational leaders and provide life-changing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country.

" can trust that we know what it means, the power of will - the ability to dream!" Comin' at ya from Desert Pea Media and a bunch of talented kids from Apollo Estate in Dubbo, NSW.

Some sass to kick off your weekend 😉 #ArethaFranklin #RESPECT

Nicole Paris v her dad, in an epic beatbox comp

40 years of progress... "Vincent Lingiari, I solemnly hand to you these deeds as proof, in Australian law, that these lands belong to the Gurindji People and I put into your hands part of the earth itself as a sign that this land will be the possession of you and your children forever.” #ImagineWhatsPossible #WaveHill #VincentLingiari #GoughWhitlam Footage via ABC News

Indigenous HIP HOP Projects, got together with the 2015 Garma Youth Forum to talk about important stuff like education, leadership and staying connected to culture to be strong for the future. The result was this clip, filmed at #GarmaFestival this month. Via

When a favourite teacher at Palmerston North Boys' High School passed away last week, 1,700 students at this New Zealand school sent him off with a traditional Maori Haka. #IndigenousSuccess

Our CEO Jack just filmed this an hour or so ago in Manly, Sydney. #IStandWithAdam #AdamGoodes

"When you're pushing the boundaries, trying something new, trying something different, doing things that most people think are absurd, what seems impossible at first becomes possible." - Legendary rock climbers Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell, climbing El Capitan at Yosemite National Park, California. #GoogleMaps #YosemiteStreetView

Best. Teacher. Ever. ✌ via

Look out for each other. Simple. These kids get it. via the Japanese Red Cross 日本赤十字社.

Marrin Gamu, or 'My Language, Our Song' is a project created to introduce kids to the diversity and beauty of Australia's first languages. It provides one song for the many voices of the land. Check it out. And for those of you looking to teach your own kids or classes, Marrin Gamu has its own website with heaps of resources (including lyrics and translations). Check it out: via First Languages Australia + ABC Open

Philly covers Bob Marley's classic 'Three Little Birds' for Triple J’s Like A Version. Happy National Hoodie Day 😉 triple j Gen Fricker Kyran Wheatley #IndigenousSuccess #NAIDOC2015 #NAIDOCWeek #hoodieday15

Life outside of work hours goes a little like this for AIME staff and mentors from Wollongong. They created this clip for National Hoodie Day. #imagination #bigkid #hoodieday15 Thanks to Woolyungah Indigenous Centre UOW for allowing AIME to film in this space.

Misty Copeland, 32, has just made history as the very first African-American female principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre's 75-year lifespan. “As an adult, I was told that I didn’t have the right skin colour - I was too muscular. I was too curvy. My breasts were too big. I was too short....I think it’s just something maybe that I will never escape from those people who are narrow-minded, but my mission, my voice, my story, my message is not for them. And I think it’s more important to think of the people that I am influencing and helping to see a broader picture of what beauty is.” #MistyCopeland #AmericanBallet

Today we turn the page on a new chapter. We launch AIME Apparel. The change began with 25 kids, 25 uni students, and one bright yellow t-shirt back in 2005. It lives with every mentor across Australia who has grabbed a hoodie and stepped up to help build a new future for this country. Today, it continues with you. Hit our store and you’ll find a limited edition range of pocket tees and artworks designed by AIME kids. Take your pick and help the nation dance to the beat of Indigenous success. Your support will help us reach 10,000 kids a year by 2018. #AIMEApparel #ChangeLives

So Jessica Mauboy just dropped into Alexandria Park Secondary School to present the kids' awards at their National NAIDOC assembly. #jessicamauboy #surprise #acapella #Jackson5 #bestassemblyever #hoodieday15 Target Australia

If you're getting up early to watch the Matildas play Japan in the Women's FIFA Club World Cup this morning, head over here ---> and sling Kyah Simon a vote. She's in the running to feature on the cover of the new playstation game, FIFA16 along side Lionel Messi. #CoverVoteAU #Matildas #KyahSimon #IndigenousSucess

Kindness. What goes around, comes around. via Life Vest Inside

“Sometimes we wait for others, and think that Martin Luther should rise among us, and Nelson Mandela should rise among us and speak up for us, but we never realise that they are normal humans like us, and if we step forward, we can also bring change just like them.” Malala Yousafzai, 17 year old Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize laureate speaks to Jon Stewart about her new documentary, "He Named Me Malala". #MalalaYousafzai #JonStewart #TheDailyShow #Education

According to Suellyn Tighe, a Gamilaraay woman from Coonabarabran, the modern Aboriginal story is a difficult one. To keep language current, to keep Aboriginal youth engaged, she believes we need to present language in a modern day setting whilst maintaining the connection to the past. Suellyn wrote this poem 'Near or Far' for her grandchildren. It’s about reconnecting a young Aboriginal girl to the language of the land and the richness of the Gamilaraay culture. Via ABC Open

"I haven't had an opportunity to show that passion, and that pride about being a warrior and representing my people and where I come from. There was nothing untoward to the Carlton supporters. It was actually something for them to stand up and go, 'yep we see you, and we acknowledge you - bring it on.' My teammates loved it, the Carlton players loved it." - Adam Goodes Vid via Seven Sport

For over forty years, Gunggari woman Ethel Munn has held as a treasure amongst her belongings; a booklet of songs which she believes faithfully record the language and music of her people in the Maranoa area of south west Queensland. She has often held and looked at the work of the author, Dr. H.O Lethbridge, but in all those years, has never heard a note of it played. No one in Ethel’s family has played music and amongst her time devoted to work on numerous regional, state and national cultural and educational committees, she has not asked for anyone’s help to unlock its sounds. Eventually Ethel, now in her eighties, took the booklet along to a gathering with friends and colleagues where all were to share music from their different traditional language areas of Queensland. It was a special moment when, (using a piano app on a phone), someone was able to pick out the tune of one of the songs, and Ethel guided the group in singing the words together. Story and video via First Languages Australia

A little sneak peak into the first work by Bangarra Dance Theatre dancers Waangenga Blanco and Deborah Brown. Being proud Torres Strait Islanders, they've created a celebratory piece about colourful island life in the Torres Straits.

Check out these little legends from Moree East Public School counting to 10 in Gomeroi language. Big thumbs up to local community cultural leader, Matthew Priestley for passing the knowledge down, and to the producers of the film, Beyond Empathy ABC Open First Languages Australia

"In the Kimberley between the Karlijirta Hills and the Great Sandy Desert lies the small community of Kadjina. It's one of up to 150 remote Aboriginal communities in WA threatened with forced closure. This short doco shows what life is like on these homelands and what special places they are." Created by Robbie McEwan and Kelly West in collaboration with community Elders and local children from Wulungurra Community School, WA. Contact Robbie here:

"I am originally from the Torres Strait Islands. My roots cover both east and west sides of the Torres Straits, of which I am proud of. My greatest inspiration is my grandmother, Maulo Tamwoy. She inspires me because she was very strong to raise her own children and grandchildren on her own. She would overcome her problems with positivity. This taught me a lot when it came to handling my own problems – to think positively about my problems and that when family need anything, to support them always. These memories have stuck to me like a magnet, and these days I like to help a lot of people and support my family." These positive vibes come from 18 year old guitar playing legend, Chris Tamwoy. Check out his skillz Chris's words from NITV clip via JMC Academy

Time travel with us back to 2011: Early AIME staff member, mentor, and all round great guy, Sam Perry spoke about AIME and the Program magic at TEDxCanberra.

America's first lady, Michelle Obama CAN dance. She busted these sweet moves last week for the fifth anniversary of her "Let's Move!" campaign, addressing childhood obesity.

Rethink. Joseph Costello via Upworthy

18 year old Yorta Yorta and Barkindji woman, and AIME mentee, Morgan Muir took on the opportunity to travel to Canada and attend Crescent Heights High School earlier this year. Since then, she's lead the senior varsity girls basketball team to a championship and an overall team ranking of 5th in the Province of Alberta. The icing on the cake? She's accepted a full basketball scholarship to attend college in Canada starting this September #Indigenoussuccess CHAT-TV Check out her skillz in action here:

There's self-belief in all of us. Find yours. #playsportaustralia Australian Institute of Sport

18 year old Jasirah Bin-Hitam (featured in this epic, viral clip) is from the Remote Community of Ardiyooloon or One Arm Point, her mob is the Bardi Jaawi people of the Sunday Islands. AIME friends from WA, ICEA foundation whose purpose is reconciliation inspired by young people, created this short film with Jasirah, and it's message has featured on the pages of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post just to name a few. Check it out for yourself. #iceatrust #indigenoussuccess The Liberators International OK- WHITE LANE

"I don't wanna be a liar, I wanna be the truth, I wanna be a leader for our youth!" I'm always questioning if I'm good enough because I wanna be that role model for Indigenous youth... " AIME friend and 2014 triple j Unearthed National Indigenous Music Awards winner Philly chats with headspace about his music, being a role model, and his community. #Indigenoussuccess Check it.

Patty Mills is an Indigenous Australian, NBA star and Olympian, and currently a guard for the San Antonio Spurs. Created by Rush Photography, 'For My People' shines a light on Patty’s journey from traditional dancing on a tiny island in the Torres Strait, to playing against the best basketball players in the world. Check the trailer. Doco coming soon.

"When I was young, like a lot of my cousins and a lot of my family, we started out learning a couple of words here and there in language... and once we got the hang of it we started teasing each other in language..." - Actress Kylie Farmer on her passion to sustain the Nyungar (or Noongar) language of south west WA. Via TEDxManly.

Here's what happens when you mix Lionel Cole + Philly + 30,000ft above sea level... Apply to become an AIME mentor now. Who knows what could happen this year. #Imaginewhatspossible

Robbie Miller. AIME Program Manager at Bond University. triple j National Indigenous Music Awards winner. And now TEDxSouthBank speaker.

Episode 1 of AIME News for 2015 comin' at ya. Shorter, sharper and filled to the brim with good stuff. Check it.

Got a lot going on? No shame in talking it out. headspace Indigenous HIP HOP Projects

Got big dreams for 2015? The team at AIME shared theirs with the universe right here. Check it.

The 2014 AIME Anthem. Download the track at #AIMEAnthem #AIMEsGotGame #IndigenousSuccess Song Division Bangarra Dance Theatre Virgin Australia

Go you good things. The Gowrie Boys + Jamie Lee Wilson. Via St Teresa's College, Abergowrie.

Quiet persistence. It pays off. Global Oneness Project

"Get up with a smile. No matter how your day turns out." - Leah Purcell We were pretty lucky to have Leah come to our final AIME session in Brissy a few weeks back. You can catch her latest project, 'Radiance', at the Belvoir St Theatre alongside Miranda Tapsell and Shari Sebbens. Check it:

Resist? Wish we took Ian McKellen's advice, huh Cookie Monster?

Larry the stunt guy and not Macauley Culkin? Buzz's girlfriend was actually a man!? Home Alone will never be the same again. More CineFix stuff here:

This Schools Spectacular production of Christine Anu's 'My Island Home' is pretty epic. The song is an original from the Warumpi Band. The kids from the NSW Public Schools Aboriginal Dance Company and Indigenous Ensemble were mentored throughout the year by Bangarra Dance Theatre's Youth Program team in association with the Arts Unit NSW. Props to Patrick Thaiday for the vid 🙂

AIME started with a belief that together we are stronger. There is phenomenal power in the mentoring relationship; together, often from very different walks of life, to achieve something great. So with this final episode of AIME News, we celebrate the year and look forward to 2015.

"1000 children a week are being taught the Aboriginal language of the district. We will have a full generation of people in Parkes that will grow up knowing Aboriginal culture, knowing Aboriginal words, respecting Aboriginal ground and that's why it will change people's lives." - Geoff Anderson, Wiradjuri Language Coordinator, Parkes NSW. Pretty powerful stuff from ABC Open.

Wanna check out what it was like on board Australia's first sky-high mentoring session last week? SBS News Virgin Australia #AIMEHigh

After only 4 hours to learn and rehearse these wicked moves with Bangarra Dance Theatre these kids pulled a serious crowd in Martin Place, Sydney this arvo for AIME's #strutthestreets. Shout out to Bangarra's Youth Program Director, Sidney Saltner for pulling it all together and making it happen.

So this just happened. Today Show Australia crossed to Martin Place, Sydney for a chat with Lionel Cole and Chris Sheedy from Guinness World Records about AIME's #StruttheStreets #TheFinalStrut. Check it.

A teaser for what's to come at AIME's Strut the Streets in Martin Place, Sydney tomorrow. 16 incredibly talented AIME's Got Game kids wrote, rehearsed and performed the #AIMEanthem at our inaugural Gala Ball tonight. Kudos the Sam and the team from Song Division for their magic.

Live from rehearsals with AIME's Got Game finalist, Emilio Fernandez from Seton Catholic College. No doubt the kid's got talent. Busby Marou Mau Power Marcus Corowa

AIME's Got Game winner, Caitie Hughes, from Yeppoon State High School taking Echosmith's 'Cool Kids' to the next level on board #AIMEHigh with Virgin Australia.

Ready for take off! Virgin Australia

Hot off the press message from AIME's CEO, Jack - live from Virgin Australia check-in at Sydney Airport. Stay tuned for more 🙂 #AIMEsGotGame

Happy Sunday. Wish we had one of these. Wallace and Gromit

Friday's AIME News shooting out across the country! In one episode, anchorman Jake Trindorfer will segue from David Unaipon to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, #AIMEsGotGame to the Indigenous Marathon Project, Tour Da Country to the Google Impact Challenge and Good Game, Strut the Streets #TheFinalStrut to The Street Store... and finally to our top story about AIME mentee, Harley and his project, Grundy photography. All in a day's work for Jakey.

Bangarra Dance Theatre is celebrating 25 years with a FREE outdoor performance at the Sydney Opera House forecourt on Sunday 30 November. Here's Artistic Director Stephen Page with the lowdown. #bangarra25 Corroboree Sydney

Big ideas from the streets of South Africa. The Street Store

One for the ages. Noel Pearson remembers Gough Whitlam. Via ABC News 24.

From the crew who brought you Redfern Now and Mabo, here comes another stellar series. Black Comedy. ABC TV tonight, 9.30pm. ABC Indigenous #ABCBlackComedy

More beaut stuff from Desert Pea Media.

“It made me feel special, being able to share my culture with these guys and with my school. And now being able to share it with thousands of people through this competition, that’s like, wow.” Tobi (middle right) learned the Taba Naba from her Mum. She then taught the Torres Strait Islander song to her friends, Cara, Keely and Madeline. The girls performed the song for their school assembly at Loreto College, Ballarat. Now they need your vote in #aimesgotgame - Federation University Australia

Smooth Michael Jackson moves like these are enough to clear any dance floor in WA. AIME's Got Game trio, Kane, Aiden and Zac, show the AIME session at Edith Cowan University (ECU) how it's done. Vote for them here:

“Maria's been in the AIME program for two years. I hadn’t really heard her speak a lot before this performance but when this opportunity came up, she knew what she wanted to sing and she rocked it!” AIME Program Coordinator at the University of Sydney, Hannah Cheeseman, was blown away by Maria's cover of Etta James' hit, 'At Last'. Maria's currently in 7th place. Vote to put her in the winning top 5 here: #aimesgotgame

Episode 2 of AIME News comin' at ya. Jake talks positive psychology with AIME's newly appointed Chief Happiness Officer, Dr. Happy, visits special guest Philly at a session at Monash University, and rides Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball through the AIME News studio. Plus, plenty of awesome stories from the program thrown in too. Check it.

A few years back, Emilio’s dad overheard him singing in the shower. Realising his son had some pretty awesome skills, Emilio’s Dad asked him to sing while he played the guitar… Today, you can catch Emilio’s performance. Ed Sheeran move over. #aimesgotgame

"One thing I really want them to learn is to show respect. You've gotta show respect in life 'cos if you don't, well, you wont get far." - Tony Rudd, Wiradjuri man and Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer for the Riverina. Hats off ABC Open for singing the praises of our unsung heroes.

Hot-off-the-press message from our CEO Jack... AIME + Griffith University = #dreamteam2015

So far we've seen some pretty sweet acts to come out of AIME's Got Game, as kids across the country are dancing and singing to the beat of Indigenous success. Bronson Lockwood from Orara High School is one of those kids. While word is that Bronson can throw down pretty phenomenal moves in any given dance style, he chose to do a traditional dance for his AIME's Got Game performance. AIME National Presenter, Jake Thomson, was there on the day Bronson performed at Southern Cross University. Here's what it meant to him: "It was overwhelming for me to see so many kids in the North Coast region perform traditional dances. It's so good to see the kids take that on, and to see our culture live on through the next generation." Vote for Bronson:

Move over SAM SMITH, AIME's Got Game finalist, Caitie Hughes, is movin' in. Her cover of 'Stay With Me' blew us away. Caitie's in Year 10 at Yeppoon State High School and goes to AIME at Central Queensland University, Australia. Our Program Manager there, Busby Marou star Jeremy Marou, was pretty impressed with her raw talent. "The best thing about Caitie's performance was the simplicity of someone so young, picking up the guitar and singing the song solo. It's something that even I struggle with as a musician. Her performance was simple and so sweet." Have a listen and swing Caitie a vote: #aimesgotgame

***AIME's Got Game Update*** We kick off Monday 20 October. For 3 weeks you'll be able to vote, share your favourite clips with your friends, and see a new generation of Indigenous kids step up to share a message of hope, positivity and success. Stay tuned 😉

Climate change analyst. Meteorologist. Park Ranger. Diver. Nurse. Astronaut. Biologist. Pilot. Food technician. Chemist. Electrician. Sports Scientist. Doctor. Teacher. These are the careers that AIME kids dream of. We need your help to see them come to life. Swing us a vote in the Google Impact Challenge, and we'll create an online game that inspires Indigenous youth to excel in maths and science. Vote now at It only takes 1 min. #GoogleImpactChallenge

This is AIME News. Welcome to the start of a new chapter. Today we introduce you to Jake Trindorfer. Jake's led our program at UOW: University of Wollongong from day dot, but his legacy at AIME is about to get even bigger. Jake is the next Indigenous anchor to hit your screens and bring you the news as you’ve never seen it before. It’s the stuff that we only want to share with our staff and closest friends. It’s the scoop on the sessions that we’re running, the lives that are changing and the tides that are turning each day.

Chin up. Love Bruno. Sesame Street Bruno Mars

"Teachers see things. They see you when you're running down the hall, they see you when you're passing notes, but they also see the person that we can all become someday." Credit: Kid President #WorldTeachersDay

This one's been floating around for a while, but Daniel from Coffs Harbour reminded us how good it was when he posted it on our wall. Thanks Daniel 🙂 FOX Teen Choice Awards

Footy finals. Let's hope we see some enthusiasm like this guy. Finish strong. #ApolloHester TWC News Austin

"Neither of my parents graduated from college, so when I got to campus as a freshman, I'll admit I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t know anyone on campus. I didn’t know how to pick the right classes or find the right buildings. I didn’t even bring the right size sheets for my dorm room bed." Sound familiar? You should watch this.

For all. #heforshe. UN Women He For She Emma Watson

Words can be powerful. Be kind. Play fair. Under Armour Women

Zoom out. The Sagan Series

Over in WA they're stirring up the frothy vibes. Tomorrow is the ICEA foundation Surf Classic. Can't get to Cottlesloe? This clip will take you there instead.

Tomorrow we're taking a day off. Because this... AsapSCIENCE

This vid came to us just this afternoon from our Casual National Presenter in Victoria, Sissy Austin. Her younger brother Will, who is also an AIME mentee, is an Ambassador for R U OK Day and he's pretty passionate about opening up the convo around mental health. Last year he produced this clip. Definitely worth a look.

Pretty catchy hip-hop track, right here. The First Nations Collective, a group of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander kids, got together with UNICEF Australia to write it. Check out 'There's a Message.'

Happy Father's Day. From Batdad.

Sunscreen this weekend? Check out more of Thomas Leveritt's work at

Medal of Awesome. Yeah, Ms Flexer.

One of our mentees, Kyle Rigney, put this clip together with his mate at Woodville High School Official in Adelaide. Definitely worth a look.

So. This is pretty powerful. Mau Power Archie Roach

This morning our CEO, Jack was nominated for the Motor Neurone Disease Ice Bucket Challenge by University of South Australia Vice Chancellor, David Lloyd. Jack's asked for your advice. How do you think he should do it? and any suggestions for who he should nominate? Motor Neurone Disease Australia official site

Dance moves for next weekend. You're welcome.

Did you know AIME Casual National Presenter, Cleveland McGhie, moonlights as a Canberra Raiders star? Hear all about it here.

WHAT'S ON IN YOUR HOOD? This one comes from the south coast... If you're knocking about the UOW: University of Wollongong , you might just run into an awesome person by the name of Zoe Cartwright. Zoe kicked off her journey with AIME this year. By day she's a super mentor, and by night she's a Colour Running, onesie-wearing, fundraising super woman! Zoe and her uni mates have organised a 'Onesie Party' at UOW tonight, and earlier this year she did The Colour Run. Her goal is to raise $3,000 - that will support one Indigenous high school student through AIME for a whole year. You're a champion Zoe 🙂

Check out this sweet collaboration between Bangarra Dance Theatre and beyondblue. 'Stories for Keeping Strong' was created via Bangarra's 'Rekindling Youth Program', which explores how dance and connecting to culture helps maintain young people's health and wellbeing.

Sunday wisdom: the importance of kindness.

Takin' you back to 1998. 'The Sunscreen Song' for your Sunday.

This video's been making its way around the traps this morning. Pretty powerful. Check it. Beyond Blue #stopthinkrespect

Friday fun times. Just because. Have a good one AIME crew 🙂

Women of AIME

This year for National Hoodie Day we've been bringing you stories of the people who put AIME on the map and brought us to where we are today: working with 3,500 Indigenous kids in all mainland states and the ACT, and growing to 10,000 kids across Australia by 2018. As our NHD comp winds to a close at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (yup, there's still time to get those votes!), we wanted you to meet some of the women of AIME that helped put us well and truly on the map. There’s Deb Kirby-Parsons, the keeper of the AIME enquiries line, the elected ‘Mother of AIME’. She’s also the saint who dropped a long term job to take a punt and join us on a two-month contract back in 2009. Six years on, Deb's firing on all cylinders and at the heart centre of our drive to reach 10,000 kids by 2018. There’s Her Excellency Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO who worked to secure the long term future of the program at the University of Sydney while she was Chancellor. Marie has offered up her place at Government House on numerous occasions for AIME. She’s put our CEO Jack in the room with the King and Queen of Spain, the Prime Minister of Australia and Prince William HRH Duke of Cambridge. Marie also sat down with Jack in 2009 and personally wrote to the Chancellors of the other NSW unis, asking them to consider being part of AIME. That was the first step in AIME’s partnership with Southern Cross University. Bronny Bancroft helped our CEO and Founder grow up - that’s a good start! From there, she got her hands dirty leading the first art workshops, designing our textbooks and offering artworks for auction to raise funds for AIME. Bron’s also been a committed and driven Board Director since AIME incorporated in 2008. Cathie Burgess was the Deputy Principal at Alexandria Park Community School, our very first school. Today AIME is working with 250 schools. Enough said. Julie White provided our introduction to Social Ventures Australia . Without that, we wouldn’t have ever been able to consider launching to where we are today. Julie is also now the head of the Coca Cola Australia Foundation who support AIME as one of our national partners. Grab an AIME hoodie and celebrate Indigenous success: #hoodieday14 #AIMEonthemap

60 seconds of Wednesday afternoon goodness. Disturb Reality

Briggs & Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu for Triple J’s Like A Version. Beautiful stuff. triple j Matt and Alex #LikeAVersion National NAIDOC #hoodieday14 #AIMEonthemap last black ANZAC hold your head high. #blackanzac #NAIDOC #lastdayofNAIDOC Credit: Street artist @_hego &

AIME Grandma slam dunking for National Hoodie Day. Getcha hoodie! #hoodieday14 With a massive high five to these ballers for bringing Grandma out of her shell: + Big Bang Ballers - Australia + Groove Central UOW + University Basketball League + UOW: University of Wollongong + UOW Recreation & Aquatic Centre + Woolyungah Indigenous Centre UOW + Our awesome AIME mentors at the University of Wollongong + Aaaaand last but certainly not least, a big thanks to 'Bozza' for his filming expertise 🙂

How does someone with a stutter, who has been terrified of public speaking all their life, wind up on the stage of the Sydney Opera House in front of 2,500 people? Music. Talent. Courage. Here's Megan Washington on what music means to her: "It's more than making nice sounds and it's more than making nice songs. It's more than feeling known or understood. It's more than making you feel the things that I feel. It's not about mythology or mythologising myself to you. Somehow, through some miraculous synaptic function of the human brain, it's impossible to stutter when you sing. And when I was younger that was a method of treatment that worked very well for me. Singing. So I did it a lot. And that's why I'm here today." Hats off. Credit: TEDxSydney

One of our biggest supporters, AIME LEGO dude, tests his mettle against inequality. Will he win? One week to National Hoodie Day! Hoodies have nearly sold out, so get in quick and enter the comp to win sweet prizes:

It's Saturday. Go play in the wild outdoor places.

When did doing something 'like a girl' become an insult? Doing it #likeagirl is an awesome thing.

Coldplay jamming down the road. Good vibes for your Friday afternoon. Over and out 🙂

Richard Dunn knows how to make the most of a bad situation. If you've ever been stuck at the airport lounge overnight, this one's for you...


Seen this? You should. It's good. Real good.

AIME TV is here! This ep follows the journey of four people who are about to meet each other for the very first time. Two new mentees and two new mentors gear up to begin AIME.

WHAT'S ON: Bangarra Dance Theatre's Patyegarang opens next Friday 13 June at the Sydney Opera House. They're also heading to: + Canberra Theatre Centre 17 – 19 July 2014 + State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Perth 30 July – 2 August 2014 + QPAC, Brisbane 15 – 23 August 2014 + Arts Centre Melbourne 28 August – 6 September 2014 Get your tix at

Believe in yourself. A poet tells his story with heart and rhyme about #bullying. Truly inspirational.

"Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise." Vale, Maya Angelou.

In 1 minute and 31 seconds, one determined uni student made what seemed impossible, possible.

At AIME we are committed to making the seemingly impossible come to life, to imagining new futures. We are committed to being relentlessly positive in our pursuit for a better country for us all. We are committed wholeheartedly in our desire to see a generation of strong, powerful, proud, confident, funny, successful and talented Indigenous people rise up to stand tall once more. This time tomorrow 9:00AM EST, we'll release our 2013 Annual Report nationally. This report gives us the foundation to embark on a new chapter, and provides the road to engaging 10,000 kids per year with the AIME Program by 2018. Together, this is our chance to deliver one of the biggest practical whacks at closing the gap in Australian history. We are a long way from the program I led back in 2005 with 25 university students and 25 Year 9 kids in Redfern. Today we offer our country a story of positivity, hope and a real chance to see the educational gap closed in our lifetime. Many people have worked incredibly hard for many years to give us and these kids this chance; we must seize it. Keep walking with us. Jack Manning Bancroft, AIME CEO and Founder #JMB

Two British kids got more than talent. One rapper. One vocalist. One powerful message about anti-bullying.

People don't have 'best before' dates

Anything is possible. Richie Parker was born without arms, but taught himself to ride a bike, drive a car and use a computer. Richie now works as a chassis and body component designer for Hendrick Motorsports.

A tiny poem from one of the greatest humans we've ever seen - Kid President. Check out for more #inspiration.

If you haven't seen this before, it's epic. One of the most inspirational vids we've seen going around. With the help of a family friend and roll of duct tape, Pascale Honore's surfing dream comes to life. Check Duct Tape Surfing for more. Credit:

AIME's National Program Director and Dad Joke Extraordinaire, Glenn Isemonger, is here to bring you a new segment: Tuesday's Table Top Trivia. Reckon you've got the answer to this trivia bite? Comment below and stay tuned as Glenn cracks this curler wide open tomorrow arvo.

AIME TV in the house! This episode follows the journey of AIME's resident techie, Jack Kirby-Cook, who created an online app that makes applying to become a mentor even easier. Check out the ep, check out the app!

Catch up with Tanisha Stanton, our Program Manager at the University of Sydney. Here's her story about how she came to AIME via our LinkedIn careers page. #AIMEjobs

Here’s a fun vid for your Thursday afternoon. Djuki Mala - Chooky Dancers 2014 National Tour which choreographed and performed a dance routine to Zorba the Greek, forging together two cultural traditions. Check out their story here:

Gem Craig, #AIME's Learning & Development Manager, will be sharing a stage with the best of the best at LinkedIn Talent Connect 2014 next week. The corporate recruiting event of the year will also feature key leaders in the talent industry, including speakers from OzHarvest, Atlassian, Lion and many more. We'll be bringing you the entire session via our Twitter on the day via #askGC #intalent so stay tuned! Subscribe to

Here's AIME 's former Program and Operations Director and good bloke Sam Perry, at TEDx Canberra, speaking about AIME, and what the work of AIME means to him. Be part of change today and drop into: and watch Sam #TEDx talk #AIMEapp

Here's Sam Refshauge (General Manager) and Arthur Little (National Presenter) giving us a full run through of our mobile app. If you haven't already, check it out! It's super easy to register. Get involved in our #AIME Mentor Program today. #AIMEapp

Budat Mununggurr is from the Djapu clan in North East Arnhem Land. She's 17 years old and studying at Wenona in Sydney. This is her dream for Australia. SHARE THIS VIDEO, share a dream. With RECOGNISE THIS #recognisethis

Wish we had been on this #FLASHMOB The Lion King flight from Brissy to Syders with our partners Virgin Australia & Virgin the other day - so good!

Zach's Ceremony an incredible story of an ordinary kid walking two worlds - ancient and modern Australia. Feature length doco coming soon. Stay tuned. Check their site for more info:

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month 🙂 Jake Trindorfer, our Program Development and Design Coordinator, has wrapped up all the March magic in one stellar ep of #AIME TV. Jake catches up with a group of young Indigenous people from across Australia who have finished high school and are just commencing their university studies. He asks them a couple of questions about what it means to be Indigenous and their dreams for our country. Thanks to our friends at CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program for linking us up with these trailblazers.

"People like this inspire us to be the best we can. Venerable Somnieng showed me that no matter how hard the challenge, if you can bottle your drive, purpose and hope, and have a smile on your face, more often than not, anything is possible." - Jack Manning Bancroft, AIME CEO and Founder {Credits: Life and Hope Association (LHA)}

Another stunning vid from Bangarra Dance Theatre. Get your tix today: {Credit: Bangarra Dance Theatre}

+ Want to get more out of your uni experience? + Want a story you can tell for a lifetime? + Want the skillz and cred to get your dream job post uni? Throw your hat in the ring to be an AIME mentor today: #AIMEapp #bebettertomorrow

Ya'll ready for this? Nearly 3,500 kids are walking with #AIME this year. Wanna join them? #AIMEapp There's a bit of old footage in here guys, so add a tag in the comments below if you spot yourself or a mate 🙂

Dave's first day on campus at Monash University was pretty sweet. And now that he's signed up to be an AIME mentor, it's even sweeter. You can too: #AIMEapp

MythBusters eat your heart out. The Australian National University #ANU has their very own problem solvers ... {Music credits: Luke Robins #AIME Curtin CM}

LIVE: Brendo the Centre Manager at UOW: University of Wollongong shares his story about joining AIME. Find the full interview, incl. #JMB's 2014 low down - check #AIMETV

What rhymes with muesli?

Jack's on triple j at 10am TODAY counting down his 5 favourite songs for Take 5. Want to see what got cut from the interview? Take a look...

Yeah yeah yeah!

We asked the kids at our first ever Outreach session at RMIT University: Do you want to finish Year 10? Year 12? And maybe go to uni? Here's their response...

Hoodie backflip

Last week we posted a pic of a grandma rockin an AIME Hoodie, but chances are she can't do this... If yours can, film it. Film it now! And send it in 🙂

A message for everyone...

It's Friday. The week is nearly over and the Mentees and Mentors from Monash University have a special message for everyone in Social Media land...

'Run This Town'

As it is the middle of Reconciliation Week, we are getting excited about how special it is to see the bond building between Mentors of all different backgrounds. This was taken to a new level at Sunny Coast when the mentors made this song to the tune of ‘Run This Town Tonight’. Check it.

A thank you to our FB friends!

A message of thanks from Jack to all our Facebook friends out there for their support, positivity and energy around Australian Story.

JMB Pre-Aus story Interview

As promised here is the video that Jack recorded just before he went into the Australian Story interview. Hope you enjoy the show tonight. ABC. 8pm.

Lego Man has answered the calls for a video and has sent one in all the way from his home country of Denmark (via National Hoodie Day 2011). Lego Man is challenging you to send in your photos and videos of you rocking the AIME Hoodie wherever you are in this great world!

An instructional video brought to you by AIME Mentoring for Strut the Streets. Happening this Friday 9th. Have you got your ticket?

End of Year Lunch @ Wollongong Uni.

The End of Year lunch at the University of Wollongong for the AIME Mentees and Mentors...A great vibe in the room!

Breakin' in the Blue Hoodie

Digby Ioane - Australian Wallaby, try scoring and breakdancing machine gets into his Blue Hoodie for some dance floor antics.

AIME Mentee Film 2010

The mentee film for 2010 has arrived. The 'Film' is currently being screened for Indigenous high school students across the East Coast of Australia. This is what we show the students when offering the program. Enter the arena with us and see what the kids see when we turn up at their schools and say, "What's doing homey g , do you want a chance to be a part of AIME?" Will you walk with us?

AIME Telling the Story 2009

We're a young organisation. We're having a crack at ending Indigenous inequality in our time. We've inherited this problem, but it is our problem. This film tells a story that needs to be heard.


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