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About Aussies 4 First Nations

Aussies 4 First Nations is a website for learning and sharing the true History of the colonisation of this country now called Australia since 1778, by the British.

The treatment of the many First Nation Peoples Tribes/Clans across this country then and now,today

Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) - “The Intervention”

In June 2007, the federal government staged a massive intervention in the Northern Territory to “protect Aboriginal children” from sexual abuse.

Without consultation Aboriginal
First Nations Massacre's
List of massacres of Indigenous Australians

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The colonial Australian frontier war was unofficial, undeclared and unrecorded, and the official actions of government forces was typically


The Melbourne “Age”, dealing with the standing scandal connected with the mockery of “protection” of the aborigines as administered in this State, says:-“Since
Listening but not Hearing:A response to the NTER Stronger Futures Consultations June to August 2011

by Alastair Nicholson
The effects of the Howard
First Nations Poisoning
Victoria 1856

In the guise of friendship we have issued corrosive sublimate in their damper, and consigned whole tribes to the agonies of an excruciating death   http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/4833244

Western Australia

Map of indivual First Nations

Click on map for an interactive version where you can magnify/zoom into a particular area

1. Move cursor over map

2. Click on one of the four areas  highlighted areas,this will open  it.

3. Then move cursor over that map and click on 1 of the 6 highlighted areas

4. Again move cursor to the area you want to view and click on it

5. You now have a map of First Nations, Nations

6.   move cursor over the Nation you want more info on and click

7.  You will then go to the SA Museum website for more info.

NB,This Norman Tindale depiction of boundries and should be varified by the Local peoples

of each area.

We acknowledge:
1.The First Peoples and Nations as the sovereign owners of the lands from which we post and comment to this group.
2. That was never ceded
3. We are willing to participant in the movement to ensure a fair and just treaty or treaties are developed, addressing the multilateral needs and concerns of First Peoples of this land known as Australia.
We walk together, one heart, one people, one mob, to respect cultures, respect each other, respect land and sea, to live in peace and harmony, to support our First Nations brothers and sisters

Let a First Nation person tell us

Incredibly powerful speech by Rosalie Kunoth-Monks. This is our Person of the Year. Full coverage: http://www.sbs.com.au/nitv/storystream/naidoc-2015-live-coverage-award-winners

Posted by NITV on Friday, July 10, 2015


Archie Roach Freedom

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